Addictive Math Inc tutoring center now open

Addictive Math Inc is a professional tutoring center located in Suwanee, GA that offers specialized Singapore Math tutoring for students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade. With over 15 years of experience, our teachers are continually certified in Singapore Math and regularly take Singapore Math Professional Development courses in order to effectively utilize the Singapore Math Method. Addictive Math Inc offers math tutoring that ensures a better understanding of the topics being taught. The Singapore math method consists of three steps: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. This allows the students to have a stronger grasp of the concepts rather than learning simply for the sake of passing a test.

We utilize:
CPA approach for Singapore Math (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract)
One-on-One Coaching
Hands-on teaching and use of colorful manipulatives
Interactive online web platform – Singapore Math
Pre- and Post-assessments for each topic
Singapore Math Textbooks and workbooks
Small Student to Teacher Ratio