Chamber board votes to support passage of transit resolution

Gwinnett Chamber President and CEO Dr. Dan Kaufman announced recently that the chamber’s board approved a resolution to support the upcoming March 19 transit referendum. If the referendum passes, a one-cent sales tax would be levied in Gwinnett County until 2057 to pay for the county’s involvement in regional transit.

Early voting for the transit referendum is set to begin Feb. 25 and continue until March 15. To learn more about the Connect Gwinnett Transit Plan, click here.

The Gwinnett Chamber March 2019 Transit Referendum Resolution reads as follows: 

Whereas the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recognizes that strategic investment in infrastructure to serve a dynamic, growing community is essential for continued economic and community well-being, and

Whereas Gwinnett County is the second most populous county in the State of Georgia, and

Whereas over 925,000 people reside in Gwinnett County, and

Whereas Gwinnett County is expected to continue to grow to 1.4 million residents by 2035, becoming the most populous county in the State of Georgia, and

Whereas a transportation system that includes a wide range of options is critical to addressing mobility needs of existing and future residents and businesses, and

Whereas the development of transportation alternatives is vital for retaining and attracting new and expanded business, retail, cultural, recreational, residential and educational assets to Gwinnett County, and

Whereas continued success in the retention and creation of jobs in Gwinnett County is dependent upon the ability of businesses to access talented, skilled employees, and

Whereas sustained and adequate funding for the creation of a regionally connected transit system is key to the ability of Gwinnett County to provide all residents and businesses of the county with the mobility and transportation services needed to sustain a vibrant and growing community, and
Whereas the proposed contract Gwinnett County has negotiated with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority for the provision of transit services offers a desirable arrangement for the development of a robust, regionally connected transit system that will benefit all residents and businesses in Gwinnett County,

Be it therefore resolved that the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports the approval of the contract between Gwinnett County and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, as well as an increase of one cent in the county sales tax rate that will be used to fund transit projects and services in Gwinnett or that benefit Gwinnett, and, furthermore, encourages all registered voters in Gwinnett County to vote in favor of approving the referendum scheduled for March 19, 2019.